Northern New Jersey

German Shepherd Dog Club, Inc.

(Licensed By The American Kennel Club)


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(Unbenched and Outdoors)


FRIDAY –May 1, 2015




Judge: Ms. F. Susan Godek



Puppy Dog - 6 months and under 9 months



___BOP___5:  Alkarah’s Amadeus of Beechbrook, DN40972401, 10/12/14. Breeder: Karin E. Wagner. By Nino von Tronje x Alkarah’s That’s What Love Is For.                    Owner: Karin E. Wagner and Morton Goldfarb.n, NJ 08827.


American Bred Dog

___WD___6:  Kismet Anne-Isle On Demand, DN35603302, 07/09/12. Breeders: Martha Simonett and Maryellen Kish. By GV Ch Wayside’s Honky Tonk Man, PT x Ch Isabella’s One Woman Show. Owners: Dr. Robert and Maryellen Kish and Martha Simonett.

Open  Dog

___RWD___7:  Lyloak’s True Grit, TC, DN30095803, 02/25/11. Breeders: Jason Lyle, Robin Lyle and George Berstler. By GV CH EJM-N Eko-Lans Eli x Ch Kaleef’s Hotroddin Holly. Owners. : Jason Lyle, Robin Lyle and George Berstler.

WINNERS DOG___6____      RESERVE___7____       DOGS___3____        POINTS___1____

Puppy Bitch - 9 months and under 12 months

___WB,BP___8:  Alkarah’s Sophie’s Choice, DN40388002, 07/06/14. Breeder: Karin Wagner. By Ch Karizma’s Morocco Kaleef Von Loar x Alkarah’s Blonde Moment. Owners: Stan Pazden & Karin E. Wagner.


___2___9:  Lyloak’s Crush, DN40359403, 06/21/14. Breeder: Jason S. Lyle. By Lyloak’s True Grit, TC x Ch Lyloak’s Fresca. Owner: Jason S. Lyle.


Bitch - 12 months and under 18 months

___A___10:  Kaleef’s Kali, DN40387302, 02/02/14. Breeder: Jim & Sheree Moses. By Ch Billyjo’s Man in Black x Karizma’s Belladonna V Kaleef. Owners: D. Stern, J. Kretowicz, S. Genereux, B and J Randall.


American Bred Bitch

___A___11:  Pinebuck’s Here For the Parti, DN34676206, 08/29/12. Breeders: Eugene Warrick and Barbara Amidon. By Ch Tindrock-Pinebuck’s Roger Maris x Amber’s Lady Marcia. Owners: Eugene and Lisia Warrick. (MOVE UP)


___1___12:  Lyloak’s Carolina In My Mind, DN36205503, 02/24/13. Breeder: Jason S. Lyle, By Ch Karizma’s Jordan Kaleef Von Loar x Ch Lyloak’s Fresca. Owner: Jason S. Lyle.


___A___13:  Alkarah’s Zephyr, DN37943601, 10/11/13. Breeders: Karin E. Wayner & Zalman Abramson . By Ch Alkarah’s Brown Eyed Handsome Man, HT x Alkarah’s Call the Wind Mariah. Owners: Karin E. Wagner & Zalman Abramson.

Open  Bitch

___2___14:  Ponca Hill-Tantara’s Circe, DN32163805, 07/13/11. Breeders: Reed Kowalczyk and Yvonne Kowalczyk. By Ch EJM N’ Eko-Lan’s Flash x Ponca Hill-Tantara’s Diva. Owners: Gloria Sinclair and Yvonne Kowalczyk and Philip Conklin.

___RWB___15:  Masstana’s Next In Line, DN32931601, 02/13/12. Breeders: John and Nancy Vaught. By GCH CH Shebland’s Grayson Camareigh x Ch Masstana’s Karli. Owners, John and Nancy Vaught.

WINNERS BITCH__8___ RESERVE____15___   BITCHES___5___ POINTS___1___


Best of Breed Competition

__BOB___16:  GCH CH Jerrwen’s I Walk The Line, DN35277303,  09/15/12. (Dog). Breeders Gerald L. Bobak and Wendy Bobak. By GCH CH Jerrwen’s Happy Gilmore Express x Ch Jerrwen’s Lucky Charms. Owners: Maureen Cray and Margary Naas & Loretta Earle.


___A___17:  GCH CH Alkarah’s Brown Eyed Handsome Man, HT, PT, DN31916401, 10/02/11. (Dog). Breeder: Karin E. Wagner. By GCH CH Alkarah’s Bossa Nova x Kaleef’s Emma. Owner: Karin E. Wagner.


___BOS___18:  GCH CH Amber’s Material Girl V. Carma, DN34811904, 09/14/12. (Bitch). Breeders: Barbara Amidon and Carol Matheis. By Ch Alkarah’s For Your Entertainment x Ch Amber’s Pleasure V Joels. Owners: Dara Conklin, Barbara Amidon and Philip Conklin.


___A___11:  Move Up



Best of Breed___16____                               Best of Winners___6_____


Best of Opposite Sex___18____


                    Select __-_____                    Select____-____


Best In Puppy Classes _____8_______


Best Opposite Sex Puppy _____5______




Judge: Ms. M. E. “Betsy” Baird



Utility  “A” --  26”

___NQ___OB5:  Odon Von Felsenburg, CDX, TC.DN30298001, 10/08/08. Breeder: Alfred Stern. By Bernd Vom Asgard x Filmene  v. d. Felsenburg. Owner: Jill B. Peterson.

         Place    1st               2nd                 3rd                  4th             



Utility “A”  --  24”

___NQ___OB6:  Von Dawns Skye Blue CDX, CGC, RN, DN34110203, 06/29/12. Breeder: Dawn L. McDonough. By Yogi Vom Mittelwest II x Schneider Nixi. Owner: Gail Bew.

___185 ½___OB7:  Moxie von Wyndmoor, CGC, CDX, IPO1, DN28202205, 06/05/10. Breeder: Jim Hill. By Nathan vom Feqelhof x Olla Von Wyndmoor. Owner: Alicia Fencer.

         Place    1st___OB7___2nd            3rd                  4th             

        Score      __185 ½__                                                           

Novice “B”

___NQ___OB8:  Daquiris Back in the Saddle Again, DN38447702, 12/06/13. Breeder: Julie Wible, By Dawuiris Quartz Vom Nobleheim x Daquiris Gina of Stowcreek. Owner: Roberta Reynolds.

___A___OB9:  Heidi vom Quasliner Moor, BH, IPO1, SchH 1, DN30793503, 05/04/11. Breeder: Ulf Kintzel. By Lenz vom Dolderbrunnen, HGH x Fiona vom Quasliner Moor, HGH. Owners: Susan Sopranzi and Ulf.

___NQ___OB10:  Samsky’s Mikayla, PAL #262883, 03/14/13. Owner: Lynn Samsky.

___175 ½___OB11:  Muddy Creeks Rodeo of Skyhawke, CGC, DN34838205, 09/05/12. Breeder: Allen Kaidewaay. By EZ Brooks Andre, RN x Muddy Creeks Moxy. Owner: Kristina DuBois.


         Place    1st___OB11___2nd          3rd                  4th             

        Score      _175 ½_                                                  _______


Beginner Novice “B”

___186 ½___OB12:  Daquiris Back in the Saddle Again, DN38447702, 12/06/13. Breeder: Julie Wible, By Daquiris Quartz Vom Nobleheim x Daquiris Gina of Stowcreek. Owner: Roberta Reynolds.

         Place    1st__OB12___2nd            3rd                  4th                 

         Score      __186 ½__                                                               

Beginner Novice “A”

___190 ½__OB13:  Schulhaus Tao of Pooh, DN36578506, 04/09/13. Breeder: Joanne Pratt. By Ch Alkarah’s The Heat Is On x Ch Schulhaus Annie’s Gift Alkarah. Owner: Christina Bello.

         Place    1st__OB13__2nd              3rd                  4th             

        Score          ___1901/2___                                     _______                 ______





    Highest Scoring Dog __OB7__                                                 High Combined Dog ____