German Shepherd Dog Club

of America, Inc.

Regional Specialty Show

Hosted by the Northern New Jersey German Shepherd Dog Club, Inc.


Saturday, April 25, 2015




Licensed by the American Kennel Club -

(Unbenched and Outdoors)







Lums Pond State Park
1068 Howell School Road
Bear, DE 19701



Judge:  Mrs. Deborah Shanedling Stern


Puppy Dog - 6 months and under 9 months

___1__  5:  For the Whirlaway’s Pal Joey, DN40262102, 08/01/14.  Breeder:Norma Hansburg.  By GCH Ch Pinebuck-Kismet’s Adagio x GCH Ch Schatten’s Bountiful Harvest. Owner: Norma Hansburg.

Puppy Dog - 9 months and under 12 months

___2__ 6:   Ears Up Applause, Applause VJ-Lyn, DN40415701, 05/07/14.  Breeder: Sue Lapinski, Linda & Paige Novotasky. By Ch Wolf Creek Phoenix of Merivern x Ch J-Lyn Windy Acres Trouble Follows Me. Owner: Sue Lapinski.

___3__ 7:  Kaleef Monarch’s Thunderstruck, DN40151805, 06/16/14.  Breeder: Danielle Kurtz. By Ch Karizma’s Morocco Kaleeef Von Loar x Woodside’s A Touch of Class. Owner: Judy Sheaffer.


BOP___1__ 8:  MillerTime’s Easy Does It, DN40287903, 06/13/14. Breeders: Craig and Cynthia Miller. By CH Wolf Creek Guardian  V  Merivern x MillerTime’s Quick N Easy. Owners: Craig and Cynthia Miller.


Dog - 12 to 18 Months

___1__ 9:  Falkrigia-Ropaja’s Rising Up To The Challenge, DN39320803, 02/19/14. Breeder: Lynda Bragg-Workman, Pauline Moon. By Ch Campaigner’s Linden Time Traveller, TC, RN x GCH Ch Ropaja’s C’est Cache’, RN. Owner: Lynda Bragg-Workman and Pauline Moon 


Bred by Exhibitor Dog



Novice Dog




American Bred Dog

___A__ 10:  Caretti’s Blues Man, DN37831504, 10/05/13Breeder: Jim and Cyndi Flautt. By GCH CH Wolf Creek Galaxy of Merivern x Ch Caretti-Jerrwen’s Bewitched. Owners: Jim and Cyndi Flautt

___2__ 11:  Schneiderhof Sir Galahad V Windsong, DN38571307, 11/06/13. Breeder:: Nancy Schneider. By Ch Chablis Who Dat V Stylistic x Liberty’s Dress Rehearsal. Owner: CJ Lancaster-Bellinger

RWD___1__ 12:  Kismet Anne-Isle On Demand, DN35603302, 07/09/12. Breeders: Martha Simonett and Maryellen Kish. By GV Ch Wayside’s Honky Tonk Man, PT x Ch Isabella’s One Woman Show. Owners: Dr. Robert and Maryellen Kish and Martha Simonett

Open  Dog

___A__ 13:  Madeb’s Hugo Boss, AU531803 (Can.), 10/25/13. Breeder: Maurizio Bartucci. By Ch Madeb’s Don Lucci Vigilare x Ch Braelochspruce Lola V Madeb. Owners: April Saulnier and Maurizio Bartucci

WD___1__ 14:  Tazzman’s Kris’s U Two, AS561761 (Can.), 09/04/13. Breeders: Kerry Prevett and B. Kaler. By Ch Winsome’s Ray Bearone V Eko-Lan x Ch Tazzman’s  Enough is Enough. Owner: Kris Smith

___A__ 15:  Woodside’s Starbucks, DN41076301, 06/07/13. Breeder: Sandy Anderson. By GV Ch Woodside’s Megabucks x Woodside’s Coco June. Owners: Sandy Anderson and William Campbell

___4__ 16:  Lyloak’s True Grit, TC, DN30095803, 02/25/11. Breeders: Jason Lyle, Robin Lyle and George Berstler. By GV CH EJM-N Eko-Lans Eli x Ch Kaleef’s Hotrodin Holly. Owners. : Jason Lyle, Robin Lyle and George Berstler

___2__ 17:  Billyjo’s Hurricane Stonewall, DN36933301, 11/18/12. Breeders: Bill and Joanne Randall and Abbey Hathaway. By Karizma’s Zimbabwe Von Loar x Ch Stonewall’s Dirty Look. Owner: Gigi Muracco

___3__18:  Karizma’s Argo of Rowland, DN36516104, 12/21/12. Breeders: Iza Kabuska and Carlos Arguimbau. By GV CH Woodside’s Megabucks x Karizma’s Shakira Von Loar Kaleef. Owner: B. Geishen-Scott


WINNERS DOG___14____      RESERVE___12____       DOGS___11___        POINTS___3____



Puppy Bitch - 6 months and under 9 months


Puppy Bitch - 9 months and under 12 months

___A__ 19:  Lyloak’s Crush, DN40359403, 06/21/14. Breeder: Jason S. Lyle. By Lyloak’s True Grit, TC x Ch Lyloak’s Fresca. Owner: Jason S. Lyle



___A__ 20:Eventide’s Trafalgar Skyy Tindrock, DN40345804, 07/12/14. Breeders: Libby Cameron and Michael Cheeks. By Kenlyn’s Aries V Hicliff x Eventide’s Roc My World. Owners: Cheryl Olson and Libby Cameron


BP___1__ 21:  MillerTime’s Easy Pass, DN40287902, 06/13/14. Breeders: Craig and Cynthia Miller. By CH Wolf Creek GuardianV  Merivern x MillerTime’s Quick N Easy. Owners: Craig and Cynthia Miller




Bitch - 12 months and under 18 months

___A__ 22:  Madeb’s Olympic Gold, BC551416 (Can.), 02/26/14.   Breeder: Maurizio Bartucci and Angela Calvert. By Ch MarHaven’s Solitaire N’ Blackjack x Madeb’s Liza Jane. Owner: Kim King

___A__ 23:  BonJen’s Teagan of Aramist, DN39725404, 03/17/14. Breeders: Bonnie Jenkins and Kathy Jenkins. By Ch Karizma’s Malawi Kaleef Von Loar x Ch BonJens La Dee Dah. Owners: Ann  Solt and Dr. Zoe Backman

___1__ 24:  Kebre’s Sweet Tiger Lily, DN39581702, 04/10/14. Breeder: Brenda Newby. By GCH CH Am/Can Kebre Kaleef AJ von Hornberger x Von Hornberger’s Tanqueray. Owners: Brenda Newby and Danielle Mayle, 3001 Blue House Road, Street, MD 21154.


 Novice Bitch

___ 1__ 25:  Tazzman’s Kriss’D Bewitched, DN40297501, 09/09/13. Breeder: Kerry Prevett. By Ch Billy Jo’s Man In Black x Tazzman’s Charlotte. Owners: Grazyna Kris and Dr. Donald Smith

___A__ 26:  Theblackghostfrom Todorhaus-Landsend, DN39124501, 03/18/14. Breeder: Sharon Todoroff. By Ch Hicliff’s Razzle Dazzle of Zytut x Ch Tudorhaus Shoot the Moon. Owners: Penny Kroh and William Siddle



Bred by Exhibitor Bitch

___1__ 27:  Lyloak’s Carolina In My Mind, DN36205503, 02/24/13. Breeder: Jason S. Lyle, By Ch Karizma’s Jordan Kaleef Von Loar x Ch Lyloak’s Fresca. Owner: Jason S. Lyle



American Bred Bitch

___2__ 28:  Atessa’s Leather N Lace of Aramist, DN37637904, 08/16/13. Breeders: Fred and Dee Scerni and Donna Calabrese. By Sel Ex Ch Rising Sun’s Bunker x Ch Sharo Ark’s Fire and Ice. Owner: Penny Kroh



___Move Up To BOB__ 29:  Pinebuck’s Here For the Parti, DN34676206, 08/29/12. Breeders: Eugene Warrick and Barbara Amidon. By Ch Tindrock-Pinebuck’s Roger Maris x Amber’s Lady Marcia. Owners: Eugene and Lisia Warrick




___4__ 30:  Wolf Creek Sophia V Wonderland, DN37667304, 07/15/13. Breeders: Pat Walker and Deb Norman and Ed Farrell. By GCH CH Wolf Creeks Galaxy of Merivern x Ch Wonderland’s Force of Nature. Owners: Ed Farrell, Pat Walker and Deb Norman


___3__ 31:  Farmil’s Paper Roses, DN38547201, 01/25/14. Bredders: Chuck and Doris Farrell. By Ch Alkarah’s Brown Eyed Handsome Man x Farmil’s Diamonds R Forever. Owners: Chuck and Doris Farrell



RWB___1__ 32:  JustRock’s Pebbles V Landmark-Crosswind, DN37420802, 06/23/13. Breeder: Amy Greenhut. By Wolf Creek’s Odin of Merivern x Ketlyns-N-Sherlyns Agatha Christy. Owner: Terri Petryszyn


Open  Bitch

___A__ 33:   WeLove Duchien’s Beretta, DN35954802, 03/09/13. Breeders: Jane Kerner and Jeffrey Moebius. By Ch WeLove Duchien’s Captain America x WeLove Duchien’s GI Sally. Owners: Jose and Kathy Perez-Gurri and Manuel and Norma Campo

___3__ 34:  BonJen’s Ooh La La Lolita, DN29926907, 01/01/11. Breeders: Bonnie Jenkins and Kathy Jenkins. By Ch Jantar’s Hummer Stonewall-Witmer x Ch BonJen’s La Dee Dah. Owners: Bonne Jenkins and Kathy Jenkins

WB/BW___1__ 35:  Masstana’s Next In Line, DN32931601, 02/13/12. Breeders: John and Nancy Vaught. By GCH CH Shebland’s Grayson Camareigh x Ch Masstana’s Karli. Owners, John and Nancy Vaught

___2__ 36:  Mazerick’s Von Hornberger’s Taking Care of Business, DN35947107, 02/21/13. Breeders: Georgianna Hornberger, Patrick and Charlene Mazepink and Fred Massey and Stephanie Schrock. By Ch Ponca-Hill-Tantara’s Spiderman x Von Hornberger’s Miss Nancy Jean. Owners: Patrick and Charlene Mazepink


WINNERS BITCH__35___ RESERVE___32____   BITCHES__11____ POINTS___3___



Best of Breed Competition

BOB_____ 37:  GCH CH Pinebuck-Kismet’s Adagio, DN29128807, 10/12/10. (Dog). Breeders: Eugene Warrick Jr. and Barbara Amidon. By Ch Kismet’s Ladies Man, ROM, HSCS x Amber’s Lady Marcia. Owners: Dr. Robert and Maryellen Kish


___A__ 38:  Ch Marhavens California Dreamin’, DN33030302, 02/11/12. (Dog). Breeder: Carolyn Martello. By Ch Karizma’s Sundance V Kaleef x MarHavens Denali. Owner: Natasha Kelly Sullivan


Select_____ 39:  Ch Ponca Hill Tantara Spiderman, DN32163801, 07/13/11. (Dog). Breeders: Reed and Yvonne Kowalczyk. By Ch EJM N’ Eko-Lan’s  Flash x Ponca Hill Tantara Diva. Owners: Brenda Newby and Yvonne Kowalczyk


___A__ 40:  Ch Windover’s Daisy of Abijah, DN37072401, 03/14/13. (Bitch). Breeders: Jill Lukasik and Abraham Puchall. By Ch Ponca Hill-Tantara’s Snake Fever x Windover’s Bella of Abedon. Owners: Jill Lukasik and Abraham Puchall

_____ 41:  Ch Mazerick’s Wild Angel, DN29550807, 11/23/10. (Bitch). Breeders: Charelene Maxepink and Georginna Hornberger. By GCH CH Kebre-Kaleef”s AJ Von Hornberger x Von Hornbergers Jala of Jolin. Owners: Patrick Mazepink and Charlene Mazepink


BOS_____ 42:  GCH CH Kiefernfels Divine Ms M Aramist, DN34626902, 03/23/11. (Bitch). Breeders: J. Somogyi and L. Dancosse and S. Peet and R. Peet and D. Calabrese. By GV CH Trafalgar’s Full Throttle x Kiefernfels If Life Were Like That. Owners: Edward Farrell and Libby Cameron


Select_____43:  Ch HaysHill’s Solo’s Carry On, DN35876101, 02/11/13. (Bitch). Breeders: Priscilla Hays, Rena Fulk and Israel Garcia. By GCH CH Pine Hill’s Payday of Hays Hill x HaysHill’s Trinity. Owner: Priscilla Hays


_____ 29:  Pinebuck’s Here For the Parti (Move Up from Classes)



Best of Breed___37____                               Best of Winners___35_____


Best of Opposite Sex_42______


                    Select ___39____                    Select____43____



Best In Puppy Classes ______21______


Best Opposite Sex Puppy _____8______